Business Strategy

Business strategy, no matter how well researched and articulated, is only as good as its execution. Carter has been partnering with clients to accelerate strategic alignment and building execution capability to deliver business results.

We deliver strategies based on the premise that the future cannot be predicted, but can be invented; we therefore aim to harvest the capabilities of our clients to deliver insights that can help them create a desired future. We take into account leadership styles, product and service portfolios as well as organizational capabilities to determine where the most compelling opportunities may lie. Implementable strategy defines the end goal and a realistic path to achieve it, and provides a framework for resource allocation.

Strategy Development & Alignment

At Carter, we make sure that the emergent strategies from our engagements are not just based on our constructs of reality or on what we consider to be important but on the substrates of the enlightened imagination of our clients. We take you on a journey for you to see what is possible and fuel you with novel ideas so that together we can give birth to bold, audacious, innovative concepts that empower you to take charge of the future.

Our strategy development process is an enlightened creative approach that encourages clients to scrutinize their business model and probe their reason for existence, deconstruct their business operations, critically appraise their business environment, model new constructs of realities based on identified opportunities and eventually forge a path and a plan to create the future. Every strategy development process is usually engaging and outcome focused.

Public Policy

We’ve been involved with the development of landmark policy documents across multiple sectors of the economy aiding numerous agencies in the design and development of guidelines, regulations and policy instruments. We have evolved a stakeholders’ optimization framework for the design and implementation of public policy that aims at a minimum to satisfice all identified stakeholders. This is based on Herbert Simon’s theory of bounded rationality and we have taken this approach in all of our engagements thereby making compromise and negotiations a tolerable exercise.

The complexity of social change and the dynamism of sociopolitical engagements require a measure of cultural awareness and ethnographic insight that only a few can boast of. Carter Consulting is able to intelligently navigate and effectively situate public policies within the larger social, cultural, ethnic and real-world contexts.

We are inspired by the possibility of effecting change and providing solutions through the instrumentality of government’s intervention in society. Our expertise includes the development of reform programs, development plans, local content policies, public service transformation using IT, regulatory advisory and capability building.

Strategic Policy Formulation

Our approach to public policy issues is based on a rigorous focus on expected outcomes anchored on a stakeholders’ consultative approach as well as extensive data collection and analyses. We have extensive experience in strategic policy and intergovernmental relations grounded in sound political and socio-economic theories.

The distinctive value of our approach is our knowledge of government decision-making processes and the challenges associated in translating policy into implementable and ultimately successful strategy. In that vein, Carter understands the role of metrics to track policy implementation and impact, and the need for supporting systems and processes to give full effect to a new initiative or investment.

Program Design and Implementation

We recognize that strategies and policies are mere first steps, the design of programs that help governments actualize the strategies is also of great importance. Designing programs that deliver on strategy requires a nuanced and practical approach that goes beyond the realm of abstraction to embrace the realism of a workable approach.

The Carter approach to program design is one of deliberate and innovative value creation through the active management of benefits to deliver a program with organic capabilities to deliver on required changes within the constraints of available resources.

We also help governments to manage all the various stakeholders’ interactions on projects, ensuring that inputs from disparate entities are harmoniously coordinated and aligned towards the achievement of desired outcomes for clients. This is one of our biggest strengths in public sector consulting – the unique ability to work with partners and stakeholders to achieve desired outcomes.

Business Support & Advisory

Events in the external business environment are often beyond the control of most non-monopoly enterprises, these events have potentially significant impacts on the sustainability of enterprises. At Carter, we help businesses make sense of, predict and respond sensibly to events in the environment whilst aligning business models to take advantage of changes in the environment. We recognize that even if we are not able to control such events from happening, we can help organizations identify risks and limit their impacts on the operations of the firm. Our aim is to help organizations survive, thrive and succeed in a fast-paced and dynamic marketplace.

Business Operations Support

We help businesses to effectively manage and scale their operations in a manner that is responsive to emerging trends, technological advancements, complexity and change. We develop and track efficiency metrics that is targeted to the business and that measures the delivery of strategy.

We look at every aspect of your business performance, providing metrics for a range of stakeholder needs from customers, shareholders to employees. We go beyond the traditional finance based metrics that is focused on reducing costs & increasing profitability to implement a more robust efficiency metric system tailored to your organization, taking into consideration compliance (ensuring regulatory compliance), logistics (reducing inventory), customer relations (improving customer experience & responsiveness) and above all, product development and innovation.

IT Consulting

Information technology is the biggest transformational force in the world today with digital technologies representing the biggest driver for economic growth, service delivery and customer relations. The entire engine of business operations now relies on technology for scale and efficiency. At Carter, we focus first on the strategic needs of our clients’ businesses to determine the technology capabilities needed to support their long-term goals.

As technology innovations create new markets and value networks, displacing established market leaders, products and alliances, our aim is to help organizations make sense of the changing landscape but above all to empower them to use simple, readily available tools to achieve enduring results at scale.

We work in both the public and private sector to bring the benefits of technology to all. We partner with firms and corporations that are proven leaders in their business areas in the communications technology industry.

IT Strategy

We do not view technology as an end in itself but as a tool to help the business achieve its strategic objective. We work with organizations to understand their strategies and help develop a technology roadmap to support their strategy.

We also see technological competence as a strategic competitive advantage, so not only does IT support strategy, IT is strategy.

Carter has consistently championed the idea that digital competence and capabilities confers competitive advantage and this is so because IT has the capability to change the value networks of an industry. We help our clients to leverage technology to transform themselves and grow their business.

We also help clients that are undertaking major process transformation projects requiring massive change in the underlying IT architecture of the business to develop a strategy for future state optimization.

IT Project Effectiveness

The consensus among experts is that more than half of IT projects fails and do not deliver on the intended benefits. The reason for this is multipronged, from inadequate requirements management to ineffective change management. Carter has evolved a stakeholders’ focused delivery model that ensures that all intended benefits on an IT transformation program is fully realized.

We handhold you through the entire life cycle of project delivery from business case evaluation, through project setup, to delivery and effective handover to capable resources within your organization. We train your people and develop your own internal capacity to manage and optimize new IT initiatives.

Enterprise & Solution Architecture

When you think of a solution, it includes the hardware, software, and supporting people and documentation to solve a problem or reach a certain business goal.

Solution architecture starts with a really deep understanding of the business need, and this is where so many projects fail. We gather requirements, envision the solution, evaluate the options available for the solution, perform the time/people/resources trade-offs, design the solution, and then communicate all of this to the developers.

As Enterprise Architects we translate the strategic objectives and vision of an enterprise into a realizable blueprint for business and IT change. We help organizations develop their Enterprise Architecture, working closely with business and IT to understand the business drivers and vision and how this needs to be reflected in the Enterprise Architecture. We work collaboratively with key stakeholders to understand their business and technology challenges from which the Enterprise Architecture can be derived.

Project & Program Management

Organizations see projects and programs as a means to achieve their strategic ambitions and today, so much of government policy is delivered through special intervention projects and major programs. Projects and programs are now seen as strategic vehicles for the implementation and delivery of strategy but despite considerable investment in project management systems and training, projects are still reported to have abysmally low success rates across all sectors.

Carter Consulting helps organizations to create significant opportunities for competitive advantage through our unique approach to managing projects. We recognize that a major reason for failure is the lack of appreciation for the complexity context of projects.

Our team of project managers has evolved a methodology for understanding and actively managing complexity in projects, both to reduce its risks and to access its potential benefits. We take a deliberate and highly scientific approach to derisking projects by eliminating biases and errors in forecasts; accounting for technological, political and economic sublimes that drive project decisions and implementing a rigorous process of value delivery and benefit realization.

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