Consultancy Services for the Establishment of Economic Dashboard and Policy Analysis Laboratory for the Ministry of Budget and National Planning.

Carter Consulting was contracted to deploy an Economic Dashboard to offer a snapshot of current Nigeria economic and market conditions, based on key economic and market indicators. The aim of the project was to provide the ministry, management, stakeholders and advisors with context and perspective about the current state of the economy. The scope included: – (1) Establishment of Dashboard of Economic Indicators to provide key statistics about the diverse sectors of the economy that are used to evaluate the health and future of the economy. (2) Setting up a Policy Analysis Laboratory for the description, explanation and prescription of particular policy choices and content, the determination of strategies or techniques for optimal policy-making. (3)Capacity Building and Training users of the dashboard and policy analysts.
Some of the services provided included the following:
⦁ Conducted a comprehensive site survey and assessment of the ministry’s business operations, existing network infrastructure and other requirements for seamless deployment of the economic dashboard solution.
⦁ Researched best practices and procedures towards achieving desired system
⦁ Designed software requirement specification and infrastructural requirement for deployment.
⦁ System design based on site survey and assessment conducted.
⦁ Conducted Software Testing and User Acceptance Testing
⦁ Conducted capacity building exercise.