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Carter Consulting

Organizations see projects and programs as a means to achieve their strategic ambitions and today, so much of government policy is delivered through special intervention projects and major programs. Projects and programs are now seen as strategic vehicles for the implementation and delivery of strategy but despite considerable investment in project management systems and training, projects are still reported to have abysmally low success rates across all sectors.
Carter Consulting helps organizations to create significant opportunities for
competitive advantage through our unique approach to managing projects. We recognize that a major reason for failure is the lack of appreciation for the complexity context of projects.

Our team of project managers has evolved a methodology for understanding and actively managing complexity in projects, both to reduce its risks and to access its potential benefits. We take a deliberate and highly scientific approach to derisking projects by eliminating biases and errors in forecasts; accounting for technological, political and economic sublimes that drive project decisions and implementing a rigorous process of value delivery and benefit realization.