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With Carter Consulting

We’ve been involved with the development of landmark policy documents across multiple sectors of the economy aiding numerous agencies in the design and development of guidelines, regulations and policy instruments. We have evolved a stakeholders’ optimization framework for the design and implementation of public policy that aims at a minimum to satisfice all identified stakeholders. This is based on Herbert Simon’s theory of bounded rationality and we have taken this approach in all of our engagements thereby making compromise and negotiations a tolerable exercise.
The complexity of social change and the dynamism of sociopolitical engagements require a measure of cultural awareness and ethnographic insight that only a few can boast of. Carter Consulting is able to intelligently navigate and effectively situate public policies within the larger social, cultural, ethnic and real-world contexts.
We are inspired by the possibility of effecting change and providing solutions through the instrumentality of government’s intervention in society. Our expertise includes the development of reform programs, development plans, local content policies, public service transformation using IT, regulatory advisory and capability building.

Strategic Policy Formulation

Our approach to public policy issues is based on a rigorous focus on expected outcomes anchored on a stakeholders’ consultative approach as well as extensive data collection and analyses. We have extensive experience in strategic policy and intergovernmental relations grounded in sound political and socio-economic theories.
The distinctive value of our approach is our knowledge of government decision-making processes and the challenges associated in translating policy into implementable and ultimately successful strategy. In that vein, Carter understands the role of metrics to track policy implementation and impact, and the need for supporting systems and processes to give full effect to a new initiative or investment.

Program Design and Implementation

We recognize that strategies and policies are mere first steps, the design of programs that help governments actualize the strategies is also of great importance. Designing programs that deliver on strategy requires a nuanced and practical approach that goes beyond the realm of abstraction to embrace the realism of a workable approach.
The Carter approach to program design is one of deliberate and innovative value creation through the active management of benefits to deliver a program with organic capabilities to deliver on required changes within the constraints of available resources.
We also help governments to manage all the various stakeholders’ interactions on projects, ensuring that inputs from disparate entities are harmoniously coordinated and aligned towards the achievement of desired outcomes for clients. This is one of our biggest strengths in public sector consulting – the unique ability to work with partners and stakeholders to achieve desired outcomes.