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With Carter Consulting

We are experienced professionals with an excellent appreciation of all aspects of ESIA of major infrastructure development for the energy, mining, oil & gas, transport and commercial and residential sectors.

Social Impact Assessment

At Carter, we measure and value the effect your business activities have on society, such as on the skills, livelihoods and health of your employees, customers and local communities. We understand that placing a value on how your business impacts the economy, the environment, and wider society is as important as calculating financial return. Altogether, this measures the total impact your business has on society and provides the information you need to navigate today’s operating environment.

Environmental Impact Assessment

At Carter, our established team of environmental economists, scientists, ecologists and data analysts, can help you work out where to start, or help you refine your existing natural capital assessment approaches if you’re already underway. We believe that understanding environmental impacts can create new value, by enabling innovation, reducing costs and enhancing reputation.

Climate Change

Climate change has emerged as one of the most important political and business issues of our time. We have been working with various decision makers and policy makers in the public and private sectors in helping to set the agenda, analyse the issues and develop practical solutions that will enable climate-resilient growth. Climate change can affect your operations, your markets, yours supply chains and your investment decisions, Carter can help you form a coherent strategy to enable your business address and adapt to any growing concerns.