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With Carter Consulting

We help clients across all sectors unlock opportunities to meet the rising demand for power, maintain secure and reliable energy supplies, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and deliver future energy schemes to help create a sustainable world

Energy Consulting

We provide budget neutral solutions to improve energy efficiency, reduce costs, stabilize volatile prices and achieve corporate sustainability.
As part of our commitment at Carter Consulting, we work with you before, during and after your energy agreements are in place. As an independent, unbiased energy consulting company, we help our customers not only compare multiple procurement options from energy suppliers to find the most competitive energy choices, but also assist your business with an overall energy strategy.

Energy Management

Carter Consulting can help you manage consumption, control cost and minimize risk. We can optimize your business energy supply purchasing site by site, or integrate an energy portfolio across your organization.
Whether you’re a large commercial business or a small operation, Carter Consulting has experience working with a wide range of industries. We serve business energy customers across a variety of sectors including, but not limited to:
⦁ Manufacturing & Industrial
⦁ Healthcare
⦁ Senior Living
⦁ Real Estate
⦁ Multifamily
⦁ Hospitality
⦁ Education
⦁ Municipalities

Natural Gas

Our team of energy experts is knowledgeable about all of the supply and demand variables that affect natural gas. We work day-in and day-out with suppliers to compare options on your behalf and search for ways to reduce your energy costs.
We help businesses proactively compare natural gas prices in an effort to develop an energy strategy and minimize costs

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Carter Consulting strategy not only includes evaluating all competitive supply options for natural gas and electric accounts, but also reviewing your specific business needs to assist you with any energy efficiency, conservation and energy sustainability projects such as lighting upgrades or solar PV installations.  No matter your project type, Carter consulting process will provide you with a true turn-key solution. PMC will work with you from start to finish to evaluate a desired or recommended project, coordinate all aspects of the project, communication between parties, maintain deadlines, and oversee your project so it is done quickly and correctly the first time.
Whether you are considering a lighting upgrade or solar installation project, our job is to help you identify the most efficient energy saving opportunities. With a comprehensive strategic approach to energy management, Carter Consulting can assist your company with navigating business energy supply and exploring energy conservation and efficiency measures.

Energy Procurement

Energy procurement gives businesses the opportunity to proactively purchase energy in order to make strategic choices, in an effort to minimize energy costs. At Carter Consulting, we understand how critical managing energy cost is to a company’s success. Procuring, or purchasing, natural gas and electricity can be confusing and time-consuming as business leaders are faced with trying to sort through the overwhelming number of energy companies now offering electric and natural gas supply alternatives. A thorough understanding of the underlying wholesale markets, power generation, delivery factors, economic and political influences and their joint impact on prices are all vital. For this reason, we act as an advocate on your behalf to leverage our strong relationships with nationally recognized and financially sound energy suppliers, to obtain the most competitive pricing and provide you with an all-inclusive approach to best manage your energy costs.

Solar Strategies

Your business may be interested in energy conservation and solar energy opportunities for a number of reasons. Carter Consulting will help you to understand your solar technology choices, locating your solar PV array and coordinating how it will be installed and maintained.