Development of Framework for The Adoption of LPG as Low Carbon Alternative to Firewood & Kerosene

Levene Energy intends to collaborate with NSIA to invest in the LPG value chain. Levene Energy engaged Logitex Reconnaissance to provide consulting services for the development of project specific business plans for the development of a Central Bulk Distribution and Filling Facility (CBDF) and Mini Distribution Centres (MDC) in Abuja, FCT.

Provided services included the following:

⦁ Analyse and evaluate the business climate in which the business will operate using PESTLE (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental), and conduct SWOT analysis,
⦁ Analyse and evaluate the business climate (macroeconomic analysis), growth factors/drivers, outlook and projections of the sector in Nigeria
⦁ review key industry trends and evaluate the industry value chains to determine impact of the following on new entrants: barriers to entry and exit; buyer and supplier power; regulatory requirements and analysis of existing players
⦁ Identify and suggest mitigation to socio-economic and geo-political issues which might constrain effective project implementation / rollout
⦁ Identify Nigerian laws and regulations as they relate to requirement for local content within the LPG value chain
⦁ Determine key success criteria/ barriers/ risks for the CBDF and MDC in Abuja and across Nigeria. This will include assessing availability of enabling infrastructure and skilled manpower/labour, proximity, visibility and access to market
⦁ Assess the state and size of all competing CBDF and MDC providers in Abuja/Nigeria and develop red flag analysis to state limitations and inabilities of local competitors to meet industry requirements.
⦁ Review project indicative financial performance within using approved assessment dimensions viz. relative size & scale, growth, profitability, liquidity, solvency / capital adequacy, returns & utilization and valuation.