Provision of Systems Integration of E-Government Project

The MFCT required the implementation of a fully-integrated technology based solution that will improve organizational effectiveness and the quality-of-service delivery, enable the government of the MFCT to be more open and accountable and share information more quickly and efficiently between agencies and other levels of government, thus improving the quality of FCT Citizen/resident participation and engagement.

Activities performed on the assignment: –
⦁ Provided project management services.
⦁ Developed Ministry-wide Strategic Plan including goals and objectives to guide IT’s role in
⦁ The future successes of MFCT.
⦁ Undertook needs assessment studies and interviews with view to prioritizing work culture,
⦁ Change and project management portfolios.
⦁ Business Process Improvement/ Reengineering
⦁ Conducted MFCT staff training needs assessment
⦁ Developed framework for making MFCTs ICT effective including definition of critical areas and strategies
⦁ Scoped, designed and developed Ministry-Wide Infrastructure and Connectivity architecture and infrastructure
⦁ Developed tender documentation for vendor selection and managed procurement process
⦁ implementation of the ICT infrastructure