Peter Ukonu
Enterprise Solutions

Peter is a Consultant with over 10 years in development, consulting and advisory roles working in enterprise IT solutions space. He has worked with business leaders across multiple sectors to design and develop software applications tailored to the delivery of efficiency by leveraging cutting edge technologies in machine learning and data science. He is responsible for the design and development of the Nigerian National Budget Application for the implementation of ZBB

Peter is an insightful software engineer who is always focused on the big picture, working with customers to determine what to code and not merely obsessed with just how to code. He aims to help customers discover what they need and how intended solutions will impact their business and operations. He is not only an exceptional engineer but he is also off the charts in terms of his creativity and ability to see what is coming next. He is an inventor and a problem solver, who builds upon complex, layered, and even undocumented frameworks to deliver effective software whilst enabling framework owners to improve the systems for other users.

Peter is a versatile full stack developer with special interest in relational databases, SQL query optimization, data warehousing, and string comparison algorithms. He has extensive experience in database (performance), python, J Query, AngularJS, Java middleware and Javascript front-end programming.

He is experience in planning, deployment and operations of enterprise IT infrastructure and applications, for small scale and large organizations across multiple industries in Nigeria and abroad. On the enterprise side, he’s focused on business imperatives for digital transformation, technology investment planning options, enterprise mobility and cloud computing, customer analytics and apps development, digital channels and consumer experience.