About Us!

About Us!

Carter Consulting Limited is a management consulting company that combines management consulting with outstanding technological expertise. Digitalization has become the unavoidable trend across all industries and all around the world. It is impossible to think clearly about the future without an underpinning digital construct. The digital future holds infinite possibilities and we believe that this approach of thinking in terms of management and technology will determine the future performance of every company.

Our business is consulting; our strengths are digital technologies and social networks. For more than 9 years, we have been supporting organizations in both the public and private sector, helping them to improve the sustainability of their competitiveness and performance capabilities along the entire value chain with the aid of effective management practices and innovative solutions.

Carter Consulting started out with the dual objective of helping Nigerian companies and consumers maximize their investments in technology and of helping multinational technology companies understand and adapt to the Nigerian business environment. We helped multinational companies such as Intel Corporation adapt their global strategies and solutions to the local context and environment



Corporate Objective

To be recognized as a firm that adds real and measurable economic value to clients.

Business Philosophy

  • We believe that the key to business success is effective communication and mutual understanding of requirements, using appropriate methods and technology.
  • We believe that to remain competitive, a firm must seed knowledge to grow action that is more impactful and far reaching than any competition.
  • Finally, we believe that technology will change the way we live and interact in the future and that Carter Consulting will be on the front line of this change.

Our Services

Business Strategy

Business strategy, no matter how well researched and articulated, is only as good as its execution. We deliver strategies based on the premise that the future cannot be predicted, but can be invented.

Public Policy

We’ve been involved with the development of landmark policy documents across multiple sectors of the economy aiding numerous agencies in the design and development of guidelines, regulations and policy instruments.

Project & Program Management

Organizations see projects and programs as a means to achieve their strategic ambitions and today, so much of government policy is delivered through special intervention projects and major programs.

Enterprise & Solution Architecture

When you think of a solution, it includes the hardware, software, and supporting people and documentation to solve a problem or reach a certain business goal. Solution architecture starts with a really deep understanding of the business need, and this is where so many projects fail.

IT Consulting

We offer a full range of professional Information Technology Consulting services thereby simplifying the design, purchase, installation, and  management of our clients solutions and infrastructure requirements. Carter Consulting serves as an experienced advisor and primary contact point throughout the entire solutions life cycle; from solution architecture design to implementation and ongoing account management

Business Support & Advisory

Events in the external business environment are often beyond the control of most non-monopoly enterprises, these events have potentially significant impacts on the sustainability of enterprises. At Carter, we help businesses make sense of, predict and respond sensibly to events in the environment whilst aligning business models to take advantage of changes in the environment. We recognize that even if we are not able to control such events from happening, we can help organizations identify risks and limit their impacts on the operations of the firm.

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Why Us?

More than 9 Years of Expert Services

We are providing World class services to our clients from more than 9 years. 

A team of Professionals, for Professionals

We have a fully professional team to provide you world class Pro Services.

Brilliant Customer Support

We will never forget our Clients and will always support you in any possible manner.


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